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Friday, June 30, 2006

Tu aimes le football?

Allo! Bonjour! In many places, football means soccer, and soccer is life. Have many of you been following along with the World Cup excitement? Either way, I hope that this little boogie scores a goal with you. Click and watch!
The Cup of Life
I believe I danced to this song over a year ago, when I tried out Dance Dance Revolution. You can find that poor attempt in my video archive, under "All Videos". I'll have more dancing for you next week. Au revoir!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Greek for a day!

Greek! For! A! Day! Da da, da da da da. If there was a Greek version of Green Day -- let's call them Greek Day -- then "Greek For A Day" would be one mean hit! I can just imagine their front man, Baklava Joe Armstropolous, on stage, giving the crowd one great show. Anyway, speaking of Greek Day, I attended the Greek Day celebrations in Vancouver, BC, this past weekend. It was lots of fun! There was great music, of course, and you know what I do when I hear great music. Click below to watch the clip!
Greek Day
What a day! I have more video where that came from. Come back on Friday to watch another new dance. Greek out!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, June 26, 2006

This isn't the Orient Express

No, this isn't the Orient Express, although that would be one heck of a train ride. This is, however, the train of Daily Dancer, and I'm calling on all of you to come on and ride it. Toot, toot!
Come On and Ride It
Ladies and gentlemen, we have now reached our cruising altitude of zero feet above sea level. The captain has just switched off the seatbelt sign, ... ummmm... wrong mode of mass transportation. Anyway, I have a bus ride to work that I should catch. And I have a softball game, tonight, against the top team in our league. Check back on Wednesday for more dancing excitement.
- Daily Dancer

Friday, June 23, 2006

Turning what?

Hey! So much to do and so little time. Luckily I found time to fit in a little dance to a requested song. Enjoy!
Turning Japanese
That was fun. Just so you know, I'm still busy catching up on the flood of e-mail I've gotten this past month. Anyway, have a great weekend!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back to the living room again

Hey, padres! I'm back at my apartment and ready to do some dancing. But, what kind of dancing? Well, I was thinking that it has been a while since I've last done a strip tease. So, here we go!
How did you like those buttons, eh? That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed my vacation dances from this past week. I enjoyed them. See you on Friday!
- Daily Dancer

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A holiday comes to an end

Hello. Today, I'll finish the story of our vacation to the East Coast of Canada. After over a week in Newfoundland, we worked our way back to Nova Scotia. Working our way back involved a lot more driving, and a rough ferry ride. We spent one night at my uncle's place, and then spent another night in Halifax. And then, we flew back West, back to the apartment we all know and love. :)
In our travels, we played lots of mini-golf. Most courses along our way weren't in great shape, but they kept us occupied. We played one great course in Halifax, but we forgot our camera that day. One other course we played, which will be nice when they get it cleaned up, is at the base of Marble Mountain, near Corner Brook, Newfoundland. It certainly had the theme of Newfoundland, and I decided to dance there to celebrate a great holiday.
So, that's all I will say about our vacation. I hope you found my story enjoyable to read. In a few days, I'll have a new dance for you, from a familiar place. Bye!
- Daily Dancer

Saturday, June 17, 2006

More car dancing

On our trip back East, I did lots of activities, such as fishing and golfing. However, all that outdoor activity left me with a body covered in mosquito bites and a huge sunburn. Click on the images below to see.
For today's dance, I continue my little car dance I posted on Thursday. It's a great song for doing actions. Mmmmmmm, now I'm hungry for pie. :)
American Pie (Part 2)
I have one more dance video from our trip. I'll bring that to you on Monday morning. After that, it's back to the living room. Have a great weekend!
- Daily Dancer

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good eatin's

Hello, fellow travelers! My wonderful companion and I did lots and lots of driving on our trip back East. We drove through Nova Scotia, from Halifax to North Sydney, to catch our ferry to Newfoundland. Then, in Newfoundland, we drove a few more hours to reach our final destination. Whoooo! And when we arrived, we were well rewarded with great food. Check out the pics below!
Yeah, you can tell that I had some good fun with my food. Do any of you recognize the shape I made with my steak? And check out the size of that lobster claw! And yes, all that lobster was mine to eat, and I ate every bit.
On our trip, my wonderful companion did most of the driving, but I got my share as well. When I wasn't driving, I had to keep myself occupied, so I did what I do best. Click below to watch!
American Pie (Part 1)
That's it for today, but I have more where that song and story left off. I'll continue on Saturday morning. Bye!
- Daily Dancer

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back on home soil

Ahoy, me mates! Over the past few weeks, I had said that I was "oot and aboot". By that, I meant that I was traveling. Specifically, my wonderful companion and I visited the beautiful East Coast of Canada. Our first stop was Halifax, Nova Scotia. After spending the night there, we drove out to the famous Peggy's Cove, where I got the itching to dance. Watch this!
Come Sail Away
Ahhhh, the scenery was so peaceful. And so was my dancing. Moving along, here is a picture of me posing amongst the rocks.
After visiting Peggy's Cove, we drove East to take the ferry over to Newfoundland. And that's where my recap will continue on Thursday. Later, b'y.
- Daily Dancer

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Le gasolina n'est pas le cheapa

Hello, old chaps. The price of gasoline may not be something for people to dance about these days, but I did a little dance anyway. Check this one out!
I'll be traveling the next few days, contending with gas prices, of course, so I won't have a new post until next Tuesday. I haven't had much chance, recently, to respond to e-mail, but I'll try to catch up next week. Have a great weekend!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, June 05, 2006

Throw me a life preserver

Howdy! Not much to say today, as I'm having some network troubles. But, I do have a new dance for you, to a song requested by many. Enjoy!
If I fell off a ship, would you save me? No need to answer. Anyway, I'm still "oot and aboot", so I won't have my next post until Thursday. See ya!
- Daily Dancer

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pumping it up again

Hey! Long time no see! A few weeks ago, I brought you a video of myself pumping up my common-law mother-in-law. But, who won the arm wrestling match? Click below to find out!
Pump it Up (Part 2)
Whew, that woman gave me a run for my money. My muscles are sore even thinking about it. Anyway, I'll have a new dance for you by Monday. Have a great weekend!
- Daily Dancer