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Monday, October 31, 2005

It is Halloween. Are you scared?

It is that day... Halloween! Now, really, are you scared? Well, if you live in the Northern part of the world, you will find that the darkness falls much earlier. And that gives more time for the ghosts to come out. Ooooooooooooooooh. Ummm, that didn't do it for you? Well maybe this will... In honor of this hallowed day, I present to you this video.
Monster Mash
That's it! That's my final Halloween dance. Well, until next year, possibly. I'll be back on Wednesday with something less scary. Bye!
- Daily Dancer

Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween is getting closer!

Can't you feel the chill in the air? That time of year is coming again, and Daily Dancer is celebrating it. On Wednesday, the hippo helped me dance to Purple People Eater. He (is it a he?) has moves! I think he was taking up too much of my dance space, though. Oh well... And today, we have... Jacko!
Yeah, my girlfriend can't stand Michael Jackson, but since this is a very special occasion, she let me have this one song. Enjoy!
Whoooo, I'm out of breath. And I'm off to work, as I am late once again. I should take off my glove first, though. See you Monday!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One dance, two formats!

So, I have a rudimentary video podcast up and running. Yay! What is great for you is that you can now watch my videos in either Windows Media format (as in the past) or in QuickTime (Apple) format. Your choice. If you have iTunes and a video iPod, you can take my latest dances with you wherever you go (let me know how this works). One dance, two video formats, three videos a week, score!
Well, Halloween is coming, so I thought I would start getting into that mindset. Check out today's dance to see what I mean.
Purple People Eater
You know, we've been getting less and less daylight here in North America. And poor daylight means that my videos are starting to look awfully yellow. I think it is now time to invest in some good light bulbs. Anyway, that's all for today. See you Friday!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, October 24, 2005

Respect the vacuum!

OK. So, if I had gotten my podcast working for this morning (see my post below), then today's video would have summed up how I felt.
Oh Yeah
Oh yeah! That makes me feel a bit better. Tune back on Wednesday for another new episode of the Daily Dancer show. Let's just hope I don't trip on any more vacuums (see Friday's dance). See ya!
- Daily Dancer
[Addendum] The podcast seems to be working now. It isn't perfect, but it is working. Any suggestions to improve would be appreciated. Thanks!

Podcasts, baby!

With all the excitement around the new video iPods, I thought that I would make a little treat for people who bought them. Yeah, Daily Dancer now has a video podcast. Thanks to Feedburner and my upgrade to QuickTime 7 Pro, I can now bring my latest videos to your iPod...
OK, if life were that simple, I would be a happy man. But, QuickTime 7 Pro takes a few hours just to export a one-minute dance. Maybe it is now time to replace my five-year-old computer? Anyway, I tried putting up an iPod video file for Friday's dance to Respect. But Feedburner is not recognizing the M4V links. Aaaarrrggh!
So, now I am requesting more help from my fans. First, if you own a video iPod, could you please tell me if the M4V file for Respect actually plays on your iPod? And if you have had any experience with Podcasting, or video format conversion, can you please tell me what I can do better? Is there any free software for Windows that uses a plain-text file format and supports exporting to a wide variety of video formats? All this help would be greatly appreciated.
- Daily Dancer

Friday, October 21, 2005

It's all about the soul...

Oh man! Wednesday's song was goooood! I'm still singing it in my head. I mean, Ray Charles with the Blues Brothers. What a combination!
Today, Aretha and I are going to teach you how to spell a very important word. Don't blink, 'cause you might miss something. :)
And that's the end of another week. I hope you had fun. I know I did. See you on Monday.
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

They don't even know my name

They call me the Dancer... the Daily Dancer... I dance around and around and around and around and around. Hey! How's that for a tune? Should fly up the swing charts.
I hope you all liked Monday's change of pace with The Wanderer. But now, I hope you are all ready to shake some plumage, thanks to a request by Rachel. Here we go!
Shake a Tail Feather
Yeah, baby! I'm outta here, but I'll be back on Friday. Thanks to all of you for keeping the requests coming, telling others about my site, linking to my site, buying T-shirts, sending in graphics, sending in videos, leaving comments, and just having a good time. Oh, and if you ever see/hear me mentioned in the news, please let me know. I'd like to include it on my (far from complete) Press Page. Later!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, October 17, 2005

Dancing is a great form of exercise

You know, I have lost about 35 pounds since I started my site? I think I can move more fluidly than I could back then. Now, I just need to build those muscles! The push ups I have been doing, like in Friday's video, should help. But, I still have a long way to go.
Now, it is time to swing into today's dance. You might want to turn your volume up a bit, because I forgot to turn up mine. :)
The Wanderer
I want to send a big "thank you" to those (Sarah, Rachel, Tara, and Judy) who sent me copies of the Guardian article. THANK YOU! Anyway, I put a few scans up on my new Press Page. Check it out! I have more stuff to put there, but this is a good article to start with. See you Wednesday!
- Daily Dancer

Friday, October 14, 2005

A new dance, but without the subtitles

Howdy all! I hope you enjoyed my two days of event promotion. I am surprised at how well the videos turned out once I added a bit of text. I hope that my dances helped those kind Dance Aid organizers to attract more people to their event. I wish I could attend, as it would be great fun.
Today's dance is to a birthday request from Sarah in New Zealand. Her birthday is really on Saturday, but I believe it is already Saturday where she is. Anyway, here is the video!
Push Up
Now, I have a few requests for my fans. First, do any of you (most likely in the UK) have a copy of last Saturday's Guardian Unlimited? In its "The Guide" insert, there was a great article about me. If you have the article, would you be able to scan it and send the image file to me? I'll put it up on my site for everyone to see.
Second, would any of you like to help me make some graphics for my site? Lately, I have been making small graphical improvements, but they aren't the best. What I would really like are some fresh new banners that people can use to link to my site. You see, my existing banner collection is kinda cheesy and old. If you send me something, and I like it, then maybe I'll make you your own personalized dance. :)
Thank you, one and all, for helping me to share my passion with more and more people. See you Monday for some more dancing excitement.
- Daily Dancer

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dancing to make a difference

I know, I said I wouldn't be back until Friday. But then, I thought about yesterday's post... Those of you who went to the Hurricane Katrina Dance Aid site would have seen that I made a second video to promote the event. People seemed to like this second video a lot, so I decided to share it with the rest of my visitors. Check out this little bit of salsa!
That's it! But don't worry... I'll still be back for a dance on Friday. Bye!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Where's my head?

Where's my head, where's my head, where's my head? I'll go get it! Getting it. Got it. Hold on... is this one mine? Yes! Phew!
Recently, I was asked to help promote a great fundraiser that will be taking place in Atlanta on November 6th. We figured a good way to help was to make a little video. And here is that video! Watch the video and learn about the event. Oh, and get entertained, too!
Zydeco Cha Cha
So, if you are in the Atlanta area, you like dancing, and you want to support a good cause while having fun, check out this event.
On Friday, I will be back with one more dance for the week. I hope you come back, also. Till then!
- Daily Dancer

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's Tuesday morning and it's time to dance

Yeah! Time to start twisting and shouting, with an emphasis on the twisting [I don't want to hurt my throat]. Did you like Friday's dance, by the way? I'd like to thank TW for coming down to help me put that one together. She is always fun to dance with.
In today's dance video, I dance to another requested song. It was requested by Mark for his friend, Deborah, who got married a few weeks ago. Here is the video, which may leave you with a lingering question.
Where's Your Head At?
I will be back tomorrow with another dance video. But, there's one problem... I seem to have lost my head. Oh no! Where can it be? I'll start looking and you can keep doing what you're doing. Bye!
- Daily Dancer

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's fun to stay at the Daily Dancer hotel

OK, if the YMCA won't let you in, then the Daily Dancer hotel will. Well, at least the Daily Dancer hotel will let you watch it through your computer screen. Anyway, on Wednesday, I got down with the Village People. Man, if I was a Village Person, I would be the mail man (or mail person, to be politically correct). I remember when our cat (at my mom's place) used to be a mail man... well, at least that's what we liked to pretend. But, that probably doesn't mean much to you, so I will move right to my video of the day. Time to shake it up, baby!
Twist and Shout
Yeah! So, that's all my dancing for this week. I will most likely be out of town on Monday, so I probably won't have a new video for you until Tuesday. But, I still have my video archive (now updated), for those of you who need a DD fix. See ya next week!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where can you do whatever you feel?

Hey, if I could do whatever I feel, I'd be a very happy man. Well, I'd have to feel first. Then, I could do. Now, I must get my mind out of the gutter and focus. Yes, focus on dancing... and today's video. My cowboy outfit is at the cleaners, so this is gonna have to do...
I had another dance class last night. The pace is picking up a bit, which makes it harder for me; but, I am still enjoying it. I will be back on Friday to say goodbye to another week. And that's all I have to say about that. Ciao!
- Daily Dancer

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The word of the day is "word"

I wasn't planning to do a dance today, but I thought "what the heck". And here is that dance!
Word Up
I'll be back tomorrow with another dance. Have a great day!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, October 03, 2005

Time for the second Boom!

OK, so I am not going to do the Hamlet soliloquy today. Sorry to all those who expected it. I mean, Friday's try at Romeo and Juliet was good, but I think it is time to get back to my all-out elbow-flying dancing that you all love. You all love it, don't you? :)
So, apparently, there are at least three popular songs titled "Boom Boom Boom". I've already done one a few weeks back. Today, I dance to the second... now let me hear you say wayoh! [Warning: explicit lyrics]
Boom Boom Boom (2)
Ahhh, the weekend is over, and thus begins a new week of work. Yay! What did I do this weekend? Went to the gym... did some shopping... cleaned up... the usual stuff. Oh! And I started tinkering with the look of my site. How do you like the new background? More subtle changes are coming soon.
- Daily Dancer