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Monday, June 26, 2006

This isn't the Orient Express

No, this isn't the Orient Express, although that would be one heck of a train ride. This is, however, the train of Daily Dancer, and I'm calling on all of you to come on and ride it. Toot, toot!
Come On and Ride It
Ladies and gentlemen, we have now reached our cruising altitude of zero feet above sea level. The captain has just switched off the seatbelt sign, ... ummmm... wrong mode of mass transportation. Anyway, I have a bus ride to work that I should catch. And I have a softball game, tonight, against the top team in our league. Check back on Wednesday for more dancing excitement.
- Daily Dancer


Korean Celt said...

Those were some mighty fancy and impressive moves there DD. Good job.

8:34 AM, June 26, 2006  
dd sister said...

i think anyone would get on that train. whoo whoo!!!!

9:09 AM, June 26, 2006  
Anonymous said...

Hey DD,

That made my day.... if you want to make my life you could dance to the following song for me...

Scatman- Scatman John


1:02 PM, June 26, 2006  
Anonymous said...


Song request:

The Humpty-Hump - Digital Underground

3:55 PM, June 26, 2006  
Canada Boy said...

If you really want to make our days then could you please do your Canadian Idol song for us. They only showed 1 second of it. Was it crocodile rock? Please?

4:12 PM, June 26, 2006  
divarisaroo said...

hey dd,
one of your best dances yet!some very impressive moves'my favorite though was the elbow-to-the-foot move that was awsome!have a great day!
much luv,

5:55 AM, June 27, 2006  
divarisaroo said...

omg you like softball!I LOVE softball! it's the best sport(next to bascketball) i played since i could! ru good? let me know

5:58 AM, June 27, 2006  
Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing "Ride The Train" for me!! I heart Vinyl & 80's Retro Request!!

Keep on dancin'
xoxo Retro Queen

6:34 AM, June 27, 2006  
kway33 said...

good one and my girls loved the toot toot

8:40 AM, June 27, 2006  
divarisaroo said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:43 PM, June 27, 2006  
Anonymous said...

Thanks, dancer!!! that was great -- a true tribute to vinyl
keep up the good work
-Retro King

2:19 PM, June 27, 2006  
Anonymous said...

excellent dance moves my friend!
Keep up the great work.
Song request: Jessie's Girl- Rick Springfield

5:37 PM, June 27, 2006  
Daily Dancer said...

divarisaroo: I'm not that great at softball, but I have lots of fun playing. :)
anonymous: I've already done Jessie's Girl. You can find my dance in my video archive.
canada boy: Maybe I will "recreate" my audition someday. I was hoping they would show more of it on TV. But, you may be able to see it if you know someone with a Telus cellular phone.
- Daily Dancer

7:54 PM, June 27, 2006  
Tigress said...

Since my boyfriend won't dance, I've taken to dancing with you from time to time :) Thanks DD!

Song Request: Let's Talk About Sex

10:04 PM, June 27, 2006  
Daily Dancer said...

Hi. I've already done Let's Talk About Sex. It's in my Video Archive. :)
- Daily Dancer

6:53 AM, June 28, 2006  
Slicer said...

So who was at the door? I thought I heard someone knocking.

3:31 PM, July 01, 2006  
Running Rabbit said...

I about freakin' PEED my pants with this post. Just got back from a wedding where the DJ butchered this song!!! You are too freakin' funny!!! :-)

2:26 PM, July 03, 2006  
Anonymous said...

Ill ride it ; )

8:43 PM, July 26, 2006  
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