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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jumping out into the field

Well, Monday's jumping had gotten my blood all pumping. Yeah! Anyway, I dedicate today's dance to my softball team at work... especially Brian D., who is one great centerfielder. He is so fast! He can almost always get to the ball in time and throw it all the way back to the infield. With his speed, maybe I can get him to be a guest dancer. :)
It was a good season this year, except for the small difference of opinion at the end. Some members thought that only the best players should play the final games. And the others thought everyone should get an equal opportunity to play. I was on the side of "everyone gets to play" (partly because I am not that great a player); however, I could have accepted either alternative. I was just upset about how the former alternative was put into place, considering I was supposed to be one of the team organizers. But, it is all over now, so no hard feelings. Except for handling this issue, I think the other team organizer did a great job.
All righty, that's enough about softball. Oh dang! I forgot to wear my softball hat (the one with the frog). Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with a special dance.
- Daily Dancer

Monday, November 28, 2005

I feel so good, I want to jump

Well, hum my dinger, I think my sickness is well behind me. You can tell from my dances to My Humps and Lovefool that I am good and ready to go. Wait... Oh man! I feel some Van Halen coming on, thanks to a fan request. Yes! Take me back to 1984 when David Lee Roth was still giving his fine vocals. Enjoy the show!
Hey, this is ancient news, but did you know that Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo in Michael Jackson's "Beat It"? Yep, Mike and Eddie. A fine combination you can call "Van Jacko". Well, it is time for me to jump into the shower. I don't want to slip and break any bones, though. See you Wednesday!
- Daily Dancer

Friday, November 25, 2005

Taking my humps to work

Howdy! I hope you liked yesterday's return to action with my dance to My Humps. As promised, I have another dance video for you today. I'm not sure if it can beat yesterday's dance, but you can be the judge. Enjoy!
At work, they are having an American Idol-like competition where the top competitors get to perform at the Christmas party. On Wednesday, they held auditions, and guess who just had to compete... Yep! You guessed it! Anyway, because people from work will read this, I won't give away which song I chose to sing. However, it is one that I danced to in the early days of my blog. Next week, when I find out, I'll let you know if I will be performing at the Christmas party.
You know, I am sure that many people at work are having a great laugh with my site. I just don't know who knows about it and who doesn't. I know of a few people who know but never told me that they know. You know? Anyway, they can have all the fun they want behind my back. I wouldn't expect any less from the great bunch of people I work with. :)
Now, if I could just get a few of my co-workers to do guest dances, then that would be the clincher. Oh yeah! OK. Enough talking. I must get ready for work. See you Monday!
- Daily Dancer
[Addendum: Oh crap! I almost forgot that yesterday was the two-year anniversary of the day when I joined the company and met all those great co-workers.]

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm back in business!

Yes! Today, I have a new dance for you, and I am the dancer. Today's dance is a challenge to Ms. Dade and her dance to My Humps. Check out my humps! Yeah, my lovely lady lumps.
My Humps
So, I am feeling mostly better. But, now that I have gotten out of bed at my regular time, I should get to work at a respectable time. Oh, by the way, did you notice (in today's video) the new additions to our living room? The new table and chairs look nice but they were a pain to put together. We bought the furniture from a huge, well-known, Swedish furniture chain. But, you would think that they would have given us decent screws. Nope! Their screws wrecked every screwdriver we tried. But, it was so easy once we bought new screws from our local hardware store. Oh, and you would think that the chairs would have had their screw holes drilled parallel to the wood? No, no, no! Well, enough ranting. See you tomorrow!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let's give this thing one more day

Oy! I have been so tired this week, as I am still recovering. These past three nights, I didn't even bother with setting the alarm clock. This morning was especially bad, as I stayed in bed until 7:45 AM (I normally wake up at 6:00 AM). Anyway, I didn't have time to put together a dance of my own this morning, so I dug into the vault and pulled out this one. Long-time fans should recognize our wonderful common-law mother-in-law.
[TW] Break on Through
So, on Monday morning, I attended our regular team meeting at work. Right at the end, Dave (because every company has gotta have someone named Dave) says something like "just so you know, we all know about Daily Dancer". Well, there it is! Once one person finds out, the word spreads like a chicken spreading a can of creamed corn. But, this is not a bad thing, as it opens up new opportunities for all sorts of fun. :)
OK! So, here is the plan. Tomorrow morning and Friday morning, I will wake up at 6:00 AM and post a new dance. And I will be the dancer. So, see you tomorrow!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, November 21, 2005

Promises, promises

I did say I would have a new dance for you today. However, I am still not feeling great. Snotty nose... coughing... ugh! Anyway, I don't think I would be breaking my promise if I let a guest dancer take my place for today. And so, I introduce someone whom we shall call Ms. Dade.
[Ms. Dade] My Humps
Oy! Even though I am not feeling great, I must still go to work because I have a few important meetings that I don't want to miss. Speaking of work, people there are finally beginning to discover Daily Dancer on the web. I am surprised it took six months for that to happen. ;)
This past weekend, despite my sickness, I had to get outside. In fact, I would have felt sicker if I had stayed inside our apartment all weekend. So, we rented a car for the weekend and we ate at nice restaurants and we did some big shopping. When I post my next dance, you may notice at least one thing that we bought. Speaking of dancing, someone had asked whether I plan my dances or improvise. Well, my dances are mostly improvisation, although I do sometimes throw in a few planned moves.
OK. That's too much talk and not enough rock. Let's cross our fingers and hope that I can get my wind back soon. Later!
- Daily Dancer

Friday, November 18, 2005

Taking my passion and making it happen

Oh, it is a day to celebrate anniversaries here in Daily Dancer land. First, tomorrow (Saturday) is the six-month anniversary of the launch of dailydancer.com! Yes, I am still sharing my passion with the world after all this time, with about 250,000 visitors to date. Today, and more important (because I would suffer if it wasn't), is the five-year anniversary of my girlfriend and me. Wow, time does go by fast! I remember that first day, when we spent at least six hours together. And I am sure we walked at least five miles that day.
Anyway, I have been sniffling and sneezing these past few days, and I know that if I try to perform today, I will just knock myself out. So, what do I do to keep my fans happy? Well, I know that some of you had wanted to see more of Wednesday's dance, so that is what I give you today.
What a Feeling (Part 2)
That second part turned out pretty good. Which part of the song did you like best? Wednesday's or today's? I just wish I could spread my legs farther apart when I jump. I'll never make it into the royal ballet unless I build up my flexibility! Anyway, I will have a new dance on Monday. I promise!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I carried an exercise ball?

Those of you who have watched Dirty Dancing in these past 18 years should recognize the famous quotes in my last two post titles. OK, maybe the quotes weren't exactly in those words. But, if you saw Monday's video, you would have seen my dirty dance to "Do You Love Me?". Man, I know that movie so well. We own it on DVD, but we still watch it whenever it comes on TV. We try to sync up the DVD with the television so we have it on two screens simultaneously. Oy! Anyway, today, we pull from another well-known dance movie. Yeah!
What a Feeling
In editing today's video, I found that the images came out very, very, dark. I had to maximize the brightness and contrast just to get the video looking decent. Anyway, it turned out fairly good in the end. I just hope the camera is not broken. ;)
As I leave, I want to wish a big happy birthday to that wonderful person I love. See you all on Friday.
- Daily Dancer

Monday, November 14, 2005

Nobody puts Daily Dancer in a corner

Hey! It is another new week here at La Rancha Daily Dancer. On Friday, I had a good visit to Boogie Wonderland. And today, I have for you some dirty dancing. Real dirty.
Do You Love Me?
Man, that was so dirty, I have got to take a shower. And no, I did not abuse that hippo! See you Wednesday.
- Daily Dancer

Friday, November 11, 2005

I stood... I delivered... now what?

I'm late! No, I'm not pregnant, but I did sleep in this morning (by a few hours). Anyway, I have a great disco tune for you to watch me dance to. A few of you have requested this one.
Boogie Wonderland
Now that I have my dance out of the way, I shall rant a bit. After developing software for several years, I have grown accustomed to the keys on my keyboard being in specific places. If they are not where I expect them to be, then I lose my typing (and coding) efficiency. Anyway, a few years ago, the top keyboard manufacturers (like Microsoft and Logitech) decided to switch things around. First, they rotated around that block of keys that has Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn. Grrrr! Second, they added this "F-lock" button, which toggles the meanings of all the "F" keys. It is quite annoying when I must keep hitting the "F-lock" button to get the function I want. Over the past two years, Microsoft was nice enough to keep their basic "Internet Keyboard" (with the key layout I like) on the market. I was smart enough to buy a few extra ones, knowing that they would soon phase it out. And now, they are phasing it out. Anyway, I wish Microsoft and Logitech would continue to manufacture a basic keyboard models with the old key layout. And that's all I have to say about that.
By the way, that orange thing in my recent videos is a gingerbread house that my girlfriend made for Halloween. Very cute, much like herself. Anyway, have a great weekend!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Soldiers take orders; DD takes requests

Daily Dancer is here and ready for your request. And today, I dance to another requested song. This request was from a "lonely bunch of designers and developers in the UK" who have "dreary, meaningless lives". Well, I hope today's dance can help to make their lives a little better. At least for one morning... :)
Stand and Deliver
Yes, keep those requests coming. I won't be able to satisfy everyone's request, but I do what I can with three days a week. Hmmmm... I just thought of something. Have any of you actually tried to play a Daily Dancer video on your portable device (Video iPod, etc.), using my FeedBurner feed? If so, please let us know how it looks. OK. Time for me to get ready for work. Deadlines are fast approaching. I'll be back on Friday for more fun.
- Daily Dancer

Monday, November 07, 2005

Can dancing make a difference?

Hey! Another week, and three new DD videos. Today's video is in appreciation of a few people who took the time to create me a new banner for my site. Yes, Nathan and his wife came up with the following (scaled down slightly):
Anyway, here is one song that they requested. Enjoy!
Buffalo Soldier
So, yesterday was the day of the Hurricane Katrina Dance Aid in Atlanta. If you were around a month ago, you may remember that I made a few promo videos for the event. See my posts from October 12 and 13 to watch them. Anyway, it looks like they had a successful event, with lots of dancing fun. I hope the event makes a big difference to the lives of many people. That's all I have to say. See you Wednesday!
- Daily Dancer

Friday, November 04, 2005

What would you do with a million dollars?

Hey! Ho! On Wednesday, I danced to Axel F, a great demonstration of the power of synthesized music. Today, I continue the slower pace with a little tribute to my Canadian fans.
If I Had a Million Dollars
I think I'm falling asleep. Whoooo! Anyway, I have a new request for my fans. To make it easier for me to find song requests in my comments and e-mail, I would like the following... After your real comment/message, put each song request on a new line with the following format:
SONG REQUEST: Michael Jackson - Thriller
The important thing is to have "SONG REQUEST: " so that when I Google my mail/comments for "SONG REQUEST: ", all the song requests pop up before my eyes. And you can do the same if you have linked to my site and you would like me to link to yours. Type in "RECIPROCAL LINK: " followed by your URL. Thank you so much! With so many song requests, it is easy for me to forget people unless I have a good system. And reciprocal linking is such a great way to publicize my site and yours. I hope this new system works.
I'm outta here! Have a hoppy weekend, and don't eat too much Kraft Dinner.
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Where did all the monsters go?

Yeah, where did all the monsters go? And who is this jolly red guy who is starting to make appearances? Yep! Halloween is over and it is now time to prepare for Christmas. Yippity doo! Actually, Halloween was really dead (no pun intended) this year. We saw hardly any kids out around when we walked through my neighborhood. People, please. Just because I dance to a Michael Jackson song does not mean I want to "beat it" with your kids. :)
And now, I introduce my latest video. If I could pull off a laugh like Eddie Murphy, I'd be all set. But this will have to do. Enjoy!
Axel F
That's enough for now. See you Friday!
- Daily Dancer