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Friday, September 30, 2005

Here comes The Triple Threat!

Yes! On Monday, you saw me sing and play guitar. On Wednesday, you saw me dance (as I do here regularly). Today, I complete The Triple Threat! Find your seats and enjoy the show.
Romeo and Juliet
Wow, that was powerful... Anyway, time to get back to business. The fifth and final part of the Daily Dancer interview has finally been posted, thanks to me finally answering the questions. Click here to read it! I'll be back on Monday with my next video.
- Daily Dancer

Thursday, September 29, 2005

So, who was that guest dancer?

In Tuesday's video, we had one guest dancer you have seen before: my girlfriend's mom, of course. But, who was the other dancer? Well, she was a friend of my girlfriend's mom, and when she was visiting, she did another little dance for the camera. Introducing Beth!
[Beth] Boy in the Bubble
That's all for today. Tomorrow, I will have another fresh dance flick for you. Au revoir.
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The sheriff is back in town!

The sheriff is in town, but he is arriving late. Yeah, I was at a concert last night, so I didn't get home until around midnight. And this morning, I decided to sleep in by about, ummm, two hours. And then, I had some technical difficulties. But, that didn't stop me from bringing you a fresh, new, dance. Here it is!
My Sharona
Now, I am late for work, so out the door I go. Bye!
- Daily Dancer

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I can dance, sing, and play... What else?

So, it seems as though yesterday's song-but-no-dance was well accepted by the general public. That great Green Day song had some notes that were a bit difficult for me to hit. But, I think the guitar playing kept it together. Anyway, I think I'll have to show off my acting skill soon. Yeah! :)
Thanks to all of you who continue to leave me kind words. Yesterday morning, and the night before, I felt quite crappy. However, once I started making my way towards work, I started to feel much better. Feeling crappy, though, did give me an excuse to fit in some guitar playing. :)
Today, I have some special guests for you to watch. You may recognize at least one person in today's video. Enjoy!
[Guests] I Shot The Sheriff
That was fun! I'll be back tomorrow for even more fun. See ya!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, September 26, 2005

It's Monday and I'm feeling... uh... not so great

Yeah, I'm feeling kinda crappy right now, and I had some trouble sleeping last night. So, instead of dancing, I will play you a little song.
Time of Your Life
Oy veh! I hope you didn't have to cover your ears too much. That's all I have for you today. I will be back tomorrow, hoping to feel better.
- Daily Dancer

Friday, September 23, 2005

Say NO to drugs and YES to dancing fun!

You know, I am not very experienced in the drug category. If crack is a rock and not a powder, then my bad. I am one clean dancer. Maybe too clean.
So, did The Dancing Gringo keep you satisfied on that long, hard, Thursday? Hmm? In any case, I have a great video for you today, hot off the presses.
I Think We're Alone Now
Will this keep you satisfied over the weekend? I hope so, because I am out of here. See you Monday!
- Daily Dancer

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hey! Good job to those of you who spotted that famous Street Fighter move from the end of yesterday's dance. Yeah! Today, I am here to introduce our newest guest dancer. Here he is, The Dancing Gringo!
(The Dancing Gringo) Arresando
Tomorrow, I'll be back with one more dance to tie up the week. Booyah!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Crack is more than just a white powder

So, you liked Monday's crack demonstration? Would you like to see some more crack? Heh! I crack myself up. :)
Well, it is time to get cracking on today's video. Many people have requested this one. I hope you like it.
Push It
So, there you have it. My video of the day. Good? Good. Anyway, last night, I went to my first class with my new dance instructor. Much better than my previous instructor, as I got the feeling that this new instructor actually cares about her students becoming better dancers. As I feel more comfortable with my new moves, I shall work them into my routines. That's all for today! I'll be back tomorrow to introduce a special guest.
- Daily Dancer

Monday, September 19, 2005

What happens when you don't hide the camera?

Dum dee dum... I was telling you that I had done some bathroom scrubbing on Sunday the 11th. And in came my girlfriend with her digital camera. Yep! And good music was playing on that Sunday morning, so I was bound to get distracted. Watch this video to the end to see what I mean...
Saturday Night
How's that for some Saturday Night on a Sunday morning? Anyway, I am still quite busy these days. My common-law grandparents-in-law are still here, and we are having fun with them. On Friday, they will leave, and that will allow me to start catching up with my fans.
Next weekend, I should have my video archive page up to date (finally), now that my super-duper video archive generator is almost complete. Woohoo! In the meantime, you can find my previous dances by going to my post archives (way down the right side of my front page) or by just googling (try site:dailydancer.com "i feel good"). That's it! See you Wednesday.
- Daily Dancer

Friday, September 16, 2005

Did anyone hear the Boom?

Well, apparently, there are at least two "Boom, Boom, Boom" songs. One (by the Vengaboys), I danced to on Wednesday. One other, by Paul Lekakis, was probably the one Sandra really wanted. I am actually more familiar with the latter, and I think I should dance to it soon.
No time for a new dance today, but, I pulled from the vault another video I made on a past voyage to plantland. En joie!
What is Love
Boom, boom, boom, let's go back to my room, so we can do it all night... Yeah, it's more like boom, boom, boom, let's get our butts to work... See you Monday!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Slide, slide, slippity slide, baby!

Yes, it is time, once again, for me to slide back onto your computer screen. Oh yeah! Can you feel the excitement? And this time, I have yet another request (thanks to Sandra and Chris).
Boom Boom Boom
Not much to say today. This coming week will be extra busy for me, as I will be spending a lot of time with my girlfriend's grandparents, who are in town. But, I will still be back on Friday for my next dance. Anyway, sliding I come, and booming I go. Boom!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm a lean, mean, scrubbing machine!

Yeah! This past weekend, I scrubbed the bathroom. Isn't that exciting? Uh huh... My girfriend says I don't know how to clean, but she still felt the desire to take pictures and videos while I was cleaning. Like this one...
Don't I look pretty? Would you like to see more of my scrubbing action? Well, maybe as a bonus... Here is my latest dance video. Enjoy!
Fantastic Voyage
With all the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats I have been doing lately, plus the hard scrubbing, I have started to develop muscles. Yeehaw! That's all for today, Coolio.
- Daily Dancer

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm gonna boogie right into the weekend

Hey! I've gotta keep this boogie theme rolling... Here's another "boogie" song for you.
Play That Funky Music
This week went by very fast for me. Yay! But, for some reason, I am speechless today. I'll have more to say next week. Enjoy your weekend!
- Daily Dancer

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another late start

Yeah, I am late again. Not as badly as Monday, but late, nonetheless. I was up past my bedtime last night. My girlfriend and I met up with another couple, and we all went to see "The 40-Year-Old Virgin". Now, that movie was a good laugh! Definitely worth checking out.
Lately, a few of you (Amazing Stace, Albie, and possibly others) have been requesting a KC and the Sunshine Band song. Well, today, I have one for you. Time to put on yo yo yo yo boogie shoes!
Boogie Shoes
That's all for now. I'm going to arrive at work sooooo late. Gotta rush!
- Daily Dancer

Monday, September 05, 2005

See what happens when you sleep in?

I can't believe I slept in until 9:45 this morning! I am normally up at 6:00, but I have the day off today. Around 10:30, after I had my waffles and peanut butter and molasses, someone reminded me that I did not do my dance for the day. So, I quickly put something together. Today's song was requested by Andrzej by e-mail. Enjoy!
Jungle Boogie
I've been having a good long weekend. I was able to restring my two guitars, so they are now sounding great. And, hey! I noticed that Part IV of the Daily Dancer interview has been posted. Click here to read it! Anyway, it is time to enjoy the rest of my day off. Have a good day.
- Daily Dancer

Friday, September 02, 2005

It's Friday and I'm feeling fly!

It is Friday, and I am, indeed, feeling fly! So fly, in fact, that I shall dance to this one, requested by superstarjo and Priscilla.
Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)
Thanks to all of you for sending in requests. I take note of every single request, and I usually try to pick from my list of requests. If you have requested a song a while back, but you have not seen me do it, then you may always give me a reminder. It lets me know you are still here and you still want the song. But, don't overdo it! :)
You may have noticed that I have not updated my video archive lately. I know it is a bit out-of-date right now, but I am working on something cool that will give you better access to my older videos.
And that is my final post for this week. Now, I must go and complete my final day of work for this week. To work!
- Daily Dancer