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Press: Daily Dancer in the News
This page contains a selection of the most notable mentions of Daily Dancer in the news.
Thanks to everyone who sent pictures and links.

National News Story on CBC Saturday Report, June 10, 2006
Peter Gullage came by to learn some new moves. He's a great sport for trying. :)

Live webcam appearance on MTV Canada, June 8, 2006
I made my third live webcam appearance -- this time from Newfoundland. I brought out the props on this one.

Live appearance on Breakfast Television, Citytv, Vancouver, May 19, 2006
To celebrate my one-year anniversary, I visited Citytv in Vancouver to have fun with the gang at Breakfast Television. In that show, I danced to nine different songs with all sorts of props. I even got to dance with Dave Gerry, one of the hosts. Too bad I couldn't get Simi Sara busting a move. :)

Live appearance on Canada AM, May 8, 2006
The crew from Canada AM visited my apartment for a live interview and dance. It was fun answering their questions while I danced. Maybe some network can hire me as a dancing news reporter? Just an idea. ;)

Live webcam appearance on MTV Canada, May 5, 2006
I made a second live webcam appearance on MTV Canada, after making the national news in Canada.

National News Story on CTV News, Canada, May 4, 2006
Todd Battis came to my apartment to learn that I have "too much time on my hands".

National News Story on Global National, Canada, May 2, 2006
Jas Johal came to my apartment to give me my first national news interview.

First live webcam guest on MTV Canada, March 21, 2006
On March 21, 2006, the drought was over as MTV returned to Canada.
On their flagship show, MTV Live, I was their first live webcam guest ever.

Interview with 99.9 KTYD (Santa Barbara) Early Show, January 25, 2006
Click here to listen!    |    Click here for follow-up (Jan. 26)!

Interview with KROQ-FM (Los Angeles) Kevin and Bean Show, January 19, 2006
No audio yet.

Sympatico/MSN Site of The Day, January, 2006
Daily Dancer
This guy is hilarious. A computer geek, who loves to dance. a new dance video (not quite) every weekday morning.
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Hurricane Katrina Dance Aid, November 6, 2005
In October, 2005, I created two dances to help promote this event, which took place in Atlanta. At the event, on November 6, I was listed as one of their "Promotional Sponsors".
Click here to visit the Dance Aid page    |    Click here to see DD on their Links page
Click here to view my dance to Zydeco Cha Cha    |    Click here to view my dance to Micaela

The Guardian (The Guide insert), October 8, 2005
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The Journal News, June 27, 2005
This same article appeared in several Gannett newspapers throughout the US.
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Hong Kong Newspaper, June 15, 2005

Blogger Blogs of Note, June, 2005
Yes, for over a month, I was on Blogger's Blogs of Note list.

Boing Boing, June 12, 2005
Daily video of a geeky dancer in his living room
Daily Dancer is a site where a geek video-records himself dancing to a different song every day and posts it. Jamal recommends starting with the Fett's Vette boogie, on the basis of its laudable Star Wars Kid reference, and I concur.
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The Sun Online, June, 2005
Daily Dancer web craze
A WACKY self-confessed computer geek has been entertaining thousands of internet surfers - with his dancing skills. The American joker - who calls himself Daily Dancer - posts a new clip of himself throwing shapes on his blog every morning. Web users have been flocking to his site to request tracks for him to perform a barmy boogie to.
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