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What is this? Who is Daily Dancer?
I am Daily Dancer, a software developer who loves to dance!
About once a week, I post a new video of myself dancing to a different song.
If you like my site, please help out by telling your friends, wearing a DD t-shirt, requesting songs, or linking to my site. Feel free to use my banners:
I hope you enjoy my site.     - Daily Dancer ( )
Korean Celt, a regular visitor, has conducted an in-depth interview with me. You can get there by following these links.
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Several major news sources all around the world have done stories on my site.
Check out the most notable examples on my Press Page.
Why don't you post every day?
Even though my name is Daily Dancer, I do not post a dance every single day. Originally, I posted every single weekday, but I have found that the commitment became a little bit too much. Also, many viewers had found that my dances had gotten stale. To counter that, I decided to decrease the frequency of my dances. Now, with one dance a week, I have more energy to give my fans great dances.
Do you take song requests?
Yes! Please send me your song requests. You can either e-mail them to me, or you can put them in my post comments, but I have one request for you. To make it easier for me to find song requests, please (after your message) put each song request on a new line with the following format:
SONG REQUEST: Michael Jackson - Thriller
The important thing is to have "SONG REQUEST: " so that when I Google my mail/comments for "SONG REQUEST: ", all the song requests pop up before my eyes. Without a good system, it is easy for me to forget all my requests.
Please keep in mind that I get dozens and dozens of requests every week. I would love to satisfy everyone's song requests, but I can pick only a few songs to dance to each week. Feel free to remind me if I haven't danced to your song after, say, a month has passed since you made your request.
Can you add me to your list of links?
Yes! If you place a link to my site on the front page of your site (and your site is in good taste), then I will gladly link to your site. Please e-mail your reciprocal link requests with the following format:
RECIPROCAL LINK: http://www.boingboing.net/
If I have not linked back to your site within one month, please remind me.
Do you accept guest dances?
Yes! I still enjoy receiving guest dances from my fans. However, with my decreased dance frequency, it is less likely that I will post a guest dance.
Please e-mail me your videos. My videos are in both WMV format (256 kbps), and MP4 format (playable on an iPod). These formats give me reasonable compression with a minimal amount of work. My videos are under a minute and a half long. If you record me a video, remember to have the lights turned on and the music turned up. And let me know what the song is, just in case I do not know.
How do you post videos on your blog?
I gave some details in my post on July 28, 2005. For a much better tutorial than I could ever give, check out freevlog.org.